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About us

Our Vision

Taking the unique need of every client into consideration and implementing the perfect IT infrastructure for them.

Our Mission

Identifying, learning and understanding every IT need of our client. By embracing all aspects of IT, we fulfill our client’s needs, through exceptional expertise and quality products. We are our client’s helping hand to ensure smooth operation of their business.

Company Profile

It all started in 2000 when our founder, Philip Badenhorst, commenced with his B(Ing) Computer Engineering studies at the University of Pretoria.

Early in 2001 Philip was asked by a close relative to assist him with his IT needs. His relative owns an accounting firm. As always, Philip took on the exciting challenge to assist him with all his IT needs. We gained our first experience in Pastel Accounting, Pastel Payroll, PC hardware, DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows XP, various office suites, printers, Internet, software development, general IT queries and maintenance. SPT Computers CC was registered in June 2001. The first software program was developed and implemented. The program supplies the mining industry with comprehensive reporting on downtime. We sold our first PC with a printer.

In 2002 Philip started to focus his spare time on assisting clients with their IT needs to fund his studies and other expenses. Gradually the business expanded through word of mouth. Our first commercial advertising started only in 2014. The first indoor cable network was installed. We gained our first experience in cable networks. We took advantage of on-site client assistance. This gave us the ability to fully diagnose IT equipment in their respective operating environment.

In 2003 SPT Computers developed and implemented Access Control Software to accommodate vehicles entering and leaving security villages. We gained our first experience in access control systems.

In 2004 SPT Computers developed SPT Wages. Coinage calculation is one of the major advantages SPT Wages offer. We joined forces with local security companies to implement PC based CCTV systems. We supplied the PC and did the training and configuration of the PC based CCTV system. We gained our first experience in CCTV systems. We consulted and assisted a client with implementing Back Office software on UX43 tills. We gained our first experience in POS systems.

In 2005 we expanded our ever growing knowledge and experience in IT systems and 3rd party software in various industries. First static website developed. We gained our first experience in Windows Server 2000 and 2003.

In 2006 we developed SPT Recipes. Calculating sales pricing based on manufacturing cost is one of the advantages SPT Recipes has to offer. We gained our first experience in Windows Vista. As requested by one of our clients, we implemented our first VPN system. This system enables our client to have full and secure access to his whole IT infrastructure, while enjoying his oversees holidays.

In 2007 we installed our first indoor wireless network. First long range wireless network installed. At the time the wireless link had an impressive range of 1,3km. Currently the longest implemented distance is 13,4km. Current wireless technology can support up to 50km and longer with line of sight.

In 2008 the first Linux server was implemented. First complete surge protection system was implemented. First dynamic website was developed.

In 2009 we added Web Hosting and ISP to our inventory of solutions. First Windows Server 2008 was implemented. We gained our first experience in Windows 7.

In 2010 SPT Computers developed an interface for input from SAP into Accworx Accounting for Pick ‘n Pay and Accworx. We developed software for Pick ‘n Pay to verify input into SAP. We started with an impressive wireless infrastructure for Bronkhorstspruit. The infrastructure provides our clients with a wide range of services. First Linux based proxy implemented. The first complete CCTV installation by SPT Computers was done. We implemented fully automated on-site backup systems at various clients.

In 2011 we implemented off-site backup and maintenance services at various clients.

In 2012 SPT Computers started to focus on implementing new internal systems and improving old internal systems to help us improve our services to our clients. We gained our first experience in Windows 8 and did our first Apple OS X Installation from scratch.

In 2013 we installed our very first IP Camera system. We’ve equipped our Technicians with IPads and started our journey towards an environment friendly paperless system. We’ve expanded our never ending suppliers list to include recycling of computer equipment. We gained our first experience in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012.

In 2014 we opened our first retail store in the Pick ‘n Pay building in Bronkhorstspruit. At our store, we offer our clients reliable products and expert support.

In 2015 we are planning to do hardware repairs on Tablets and Smart Phones.

Since 2001 we have provided our clients with all their IT needs. This includes all software, hardware and networking needs. We provide services and goods in all project phases from planning, development, off the shelf solutions and implementation to support and maintenance.

We provide our clients with a turnkey solution.