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Backup Solutions

How safe is your data? Let us help you minimize your risk of data loss.


Need to keep an eye out? Analog or IP Based, existing or new, we are here to help.

Hardware & Software Sales

SPT Computers offers high quality Hardware and Software. Please consult our Products Page for reliable brands we trust in.

Internet Services

ISP - The Internet is the core communication technology most businesses use. We can help you with a variety of ways to get your business connected to the Internet. Our Internet Service Provider packages are designed to suit your need, whether you want to be capped or un-capped.

Managed Hosting - Keeping security in mind, we offer you reliable Linux Hosting. We manage your Hosting and Domain for you. Whether you need Hosting for your web site or only for your email, you have come to the right place.

IT Support

The core of our business. Do you have a IT problem or need? We can assist you through a variety of ways. We can log into your PC remotely for remote support, come to your premises for on-site support or you can bring your equipment to us.

Wired Networks

Cabling is still the most reliable network technology. If you need 2 or more computers connected, we can assist you.

Wireless Networks

Need Internet connectivity or sharing of services on your phone, PC, tablet or notebook? Indoor wireless infrastructure allows you to connect to these services without the hassle of cables. Need to connect 2 or more buildings? Our reliable outdoor links offers our clients endless possibilities.